Dismantling of existing Waterways Storage Building, construction of new steel frame building comprising of storage, work shop, office, meeting and room space, refurbishment of existing Environment Agency workshop building and construction of underground drainage system linking to new building.

The project consisted of relocating the NWQIS Laboratory Service and other essential activities to new facilities provided in a refurbished Environment Agency building at Caversham Lakes. This enabled the Agency to cease the use of the Fobney site with its reoccupation and maintenance backlog costs, whilst also replacing a structurally unsafe storage building at Caversham.

Value: £795,810

Part of the Decent Neighbourhoods project being carried out by the Council on various estates across the City. All works carried out within a high density residential area in a major suburb of Southampton.

  • Excavation of pathways & paved areas and replacing with new tarmac and slabs including tactile, decorative etched paving & cobbles
  • Demolition and removal of existing walls/drainage/shrubs/trees
  • Construction of walls, steps, planters and flower beds for communal gardens. Installation of benches & boulders to communal garden areas, installation of street furniture – litter bins, hand rails etc.
  • Construction of brick built scooter stores
  • Replacement of fencing
  • Tree planting/pruning/removal and soft planting

Value: £1.6 million

Environmental improvements around 38 blocks of walk up flats located on Thornhill housing estate as part of the Better Neighbourhoods initiative, comprising:-

  • Soft & hard landscaping including paving, re-seeding and planting
  • Formation and resurfacing of new parking areas in ‘grasscrete’ with associated kerbs
  • Formation of disabled access ramps, brick walls with concrete footings and laying/formation of steps with associated handrails
  • Excavation of 300 metres of trench for water main around blocks.
  • Installation of drainage in car parking areas and connections to existing storm water drains in playground areas
  • Installation of bollards around grassed areas
  • Installation of play equipment

Value: £736,000

  • Hard Landscaping of residential area including block paving & tarmac
  • Installation of new bin stores with internal lighting and fob security system linked to the existing entry system
  • Provision of new raised wooden planters
  • Landscaping and planting of borders
  • Installation of bollards

Value: £200,000