P T Contractors Ltd  have worked in different aspects of heritage type construction work, however our multi-skilled workforce is equally commercial or industrial.

Relevant Experience:

  • Renovation and conversion of Type Two Star listed building from hotel into one two bedroom flat, two maisonettes and five one bedroom flats.
  • Works involved total re-roofing including new insulation and removal of existing walls.
  • The interior refurbishment included features such as horsehair plastering.
  • The project was carried out to English Heritage requirements

Value: £390,000

  • Installation of temporary support to existing cast iron bridge and temporary dam works
  • Dismantling of bridge for refurbishment
  • Piling for new bridge abutment & construct new reinforced concrete & brickwork abutment
  • Reconstruction of refurbished cast iron bridge
  • Resurface & repaint bridge, install new hand rails
  • Remove temporary support and temporary dam works

Value: £134,000

  • Installation of high level walkway along medieval battlements over the historic Castle Hall
  • Works involved movement of bulk materials via passageways, and stairways and over stone walls
  • Works completed to the satisfaction of Southampton City Council Archaeological Dept.

Value: £18,500

Renovation of Historic Ashlar Stone Sea Wall

Historic stone harbour, originally constructed in the late 1700’s to load munitions from the Royal Naval Armaments Depot, The Camber is a Grade II listed structure and was found in a very delicate state prior to commencement of the works.

Works included

  • Survey for potential munitions
  • Recovery of fallen stone blocks from sea bed
  • Installation of steel sheet piles using ‘Silent Piling’ techniques
  • Reinforced concrete foundation slabs and retaining walls as foundations for stonework
  • Reconstruction of collapsed stone sea walls in Ashlar Stonework reusing recovered stone blocks
  • Extensive timber structures were found behind the stone walls indicating earlier structures and evidence of earlier restoration

Value:   £225,000