Marine & Environmental


We have extensive experience in the river and marine civil engineering sector delivering a wide range of projects covering areas such as flood defence works, renovation, structural repairs, piling and timber groyne installation and maintenance.



Relevant experience:




Working afloat to install 109no 7m long L604 steel sheet piles, using a Movax piling rig positioned on modular pontoons to form a new river retaining wall. Once piles were installed platypus 49no 12m long platypus anchors were installed into the embankment. The works took place on a pontoon taking in to consideration overhead cables spanning over the river. Ale piling were sub-contracted for the installation of permanent sheet piled wall with anchors. Access considerations were carefully thought out which included access for pontoons, work boat, piling rig and materials were through the gateway to the field adjacent to the substation from the access road off the A338.

  • New structural river wall and bank stabilisation
  • Bank re-profiling north of substation.
  • Regrade of gabion stone
  • Construction of thrust beam and anchorages within substation
  • Pile driving
  • Construction of capping beam of sheet piled wall
  • Construction of large wooden flow diverters
  • Removal of existing fencing and drainage.
  • Construction of new paving for car parking including planning and regulating.
  • Installation & removal of kerbing.
  • Installation of new gatic slot drain, underground carrier drains, manholes and installation of petrol interceptor.
  • Installation of new power and data ducting including duct pits and draw wires.
  • Installation of foundations and pole for lighting.
  • Installation of new fencing.
  • Installation of signage and liner marking.
  • Identification and diversion of existing services.
  • Traffic Management
  • Breaking up existing reinforced concrete and tar macadam paving.
  • Excavation and disposal of all material down to new formation level
  • Unblocking, cleaning and reinstating existing drain lines where necessary.
  • Provide new pavement construction and surfacing
  • Construction of new storm drain lines
  • Construction of new linear drain channels
  • Construction of new manholes, silt trap manholes and cable turning pits
  • Installation of ducts between turning pits
  • Removal of redundant services
  • Installation of electrical cables as specified by the bypass separator for the alarm.

Terminal surfacing replacement, linear drainage channel and concrete paving repairs.

  • Installation of new gatic cover
  • Renewal of concrete block pavers
  • Reinstatement of electrical pit and drainage manhole covers
  • Reinstatement of carriageway ‘STOP’ markings
  • New zebra crossing markings
  • New lane line markings

The section of trail involved was approximately 1.5km south of the North Hayling Halt Car Park and 1.5km of the Station Theatre.


  • Repair of damaged section of sea defences comprising 110m of new timber defences.
  • Flood defence timber wall works.
  • Construction of hardwood planks and posts.
  • Installation of geotextile lining to sides.
  • Construction of timber edgings.
  • Removal of existing concrete structures
  • Removal and replacement of Security fencing
  • Installation of combined kerb drainage, manholes, catch pits, Gattic slot drains and by-pass interceptor
  • Installation of cable ducting and associated draw pits
  • Removal and disposal of contaminated soil
  • Formation of new vehicle parking area and footways
  • New Surfacing to parking area and footways
  • Line marking
  • Installation of new Lighting system inclusive of LED Lamps
  • Reinforced concrete retaining structures.

Duration of 9 weeks

  • Installation of new reinforced Concrete Passenger walkway foundations.
  • Decommissioning, Demolition of existing walkway structure and Foundation, making good external cladding and internal decoration of QEII Terminal once existing walkway removed
  • Installation of 30 number 450mm x 16m deep reinforced augured Piles within 10m of Quayside.
  • Diversion of quayside watermain inclusive of pressure testing and chlorination
  • Installation of new drainage & associated catch pits
  • Installation of Reinforced concrete running beam
  • Supply and installation of new walkway running track – 90m in length.
  • Reinforced concrete works to quay side
  • Works carried out while quayside operational, working closely with ABP Berth planning department.

Dismantling of existing Waterways Storage Building, construction of new steel frame building comprising of storage, work shop, office, meeting and room space, refurbishment of existing Environment Agency workshop building and construction of underground drainage system linking to new building.

The project consisted of relocating the NWQIS Laboratory Service and other essential activities to new facilities provided in a refurbished Environment Agency building at Caversham Lakes. This enabled the Agency to cease the use of the Fobney site with its reoccupation and maintenance backlog costs, whilst also replacing a structurally unsafe storage building at Caversham.

Part of the Decent Neighbourhoods project being carried out by the Council on various estates across the City. All works carried out within a high density residential area in a major suburb of Southampton.

  • Excavation of pathways & paved areas and replacing with new tarmac and slabs including tactile, decorative etched paving & cobbles
  • Demolition and removal of existing walls/drainage/shrubs/trees
  • Construction of walls, steps, planters and flower beds for communal gardens. Installation of benches & boulders to communal garden areas, installation of street furniture – litter bins, hand rails etc.
  • Construction of brick built scooter stores
  • Replacement of fencing
  • Tree planting/pruning/removal and soft planting

Environmental improvements around 38 blocks of walk up flats located on Thornhill housing estate as part of the Better Neighbourhoods initiative, comprising:-

  • Soft & hard landscaping including paving, re-seeding and planting
  • Formation and resurfacing of new parking areas in ‘grasscrete’ with associated kerbs
  • Formation of disabled access ramps, brick walls with concrete footings and laying/formation of steps with associated handrails
  • Excavation of 300 metres of trench for water main around blocks.
  • Installation of drainage in car parking areas and connections to existing storm water drains in playground areas
  • Installation of bollards around grassed areas
  • Installation of play equipment
  • General site clearance of existing street furniture, old paving and macadam areas, some small tree removal and constructing new pavements and roads, new railing works, low brick planters, community gardens with a timber deck, raised beds, benches, planting trees and shrubs, and the installation of street. Some of the work involves working on highways but it will be on quieter internal roads on the estate.These works were undertaken in two distinct areas of Townhill Park Estate, Namely McArthur Road and Vanguard Road.