We have extensive experience in the river and marine civil engineering sector delivering a wide range of projects covering areas such as flood defence works, renovation, structural repairs, piling and timber groyne installation and maintenance.

Relevant experience:


  • Removal of existing bank in front of sheet piled wall installed on previous phase.
  • Removal of existing sheet pile wall.
  • Installation of Dycell mattresses along river bed spanning 5m out from edge of river.
  • Installation of planty for bank stabilisation and infill of large void in a section of the existing river bed.
  • The works took place on a platoon using an excavator with over head cables spanning over the river.

Value: £338,000

  • Removal of existing fencing and drainage.
  • Construction of new paving for car parking including planning and regulating.
  • Installation & removal of kerbing.
  • Installation of new gatic slot drain, underground carrier drains, manholes and installation of petrol interceptor.
  • Installation of new power and data ducting including duct pits and draw wires.
  • Installation of foundations and pole for lighting.
  • Installation of new fencing.
  • Installation of signage and liner marking.

Value: £351,000

  • Identification and diversion of existing services.
  • Traffic Management
  • Breaking up existing reinforced concrete and tar macadam paving.
  • Excavation and disposal of all material down to new formation level
  • Unblocking, cleaning and reinstating existing drain lines where necessary.
  • Provide new pavement construction and surfacing
  • Construction of new storm drain lines
  • Construction of new linear drain channels
  • Construction of new manholes, silt trap manholes and cable turning pits
  • Installation of ducts between turning pits
  • Removal of redundant services
  • Installation of electrical cables as specified by the bypass separator for the alarm.

Value: £450,000

Terminal surfacing replacement, linear drainage channel and concrete paving repairs.

  • Installation of new gatic cover
  • Renewal of concrete block pavers
  • Reinstatement of electrical pit and drainage manhole covers
  • Reinstatement of carriageway ‘STOP’ markings
  • New zebra crossing markings
  • New lane line markings

Value: £110,000

The section of trail involved was approximately 1.5km south of the North Hayling Halt Car Park and 1.5km of the Station Theatre.


  • Repair of damaged section of sea defences comprising 110m of new timber defences.
  • Flood defence timber wall works.
  • Construction of hardwood planks and posts.
  • Installation of geotextile lining to sides.
  • Construction of timber edgings.

Value: £57,000

  • Removal of existing concrete structures
  • Removal and replacement of Security fencing
  • Installation of combined kerb drainage, manholes, catch pits, Gattic slot drains and by-pass interceptor
  • Installation of cable ducting and associated draw pits
  • Removal and disposal of contaminated soil
  • Formation of new vehicle parking area and footways
  • New Surfacing to parking area and footways
  • Line marking
  • Installation of new Lighting system inclusive of LED Lamps
  • Reinforced concrete retaining structures.

Duration of 9 weeks

Value: £500,000