P T Contractors have been working for utility companies for more than 20 years. We have carried out numerous projects for SSE plc as well as working for UK Power Networks. Works carried out include the building of new substations, internal fit outs, the refurbishment or extension of existing substations and general civil engineering.

Our contracts cover a wide variety of building and civil engineering tasks – including ground works, construction of concrete access roads, and construction of transformer & cooler bunds. Excavation for and construction of concrete bases for electrical equipment.  Building traditional masonry block & brick switch houses with reinforced concrete cable basements and steel sheet roofing.  Installation of concrete cable troughs and ducting.  Provision and repair of drainage and the laying of compacted stone surfacing.

Our experience also covers many sectors including residential, commercial, healthcare and education.Our experience enables us to put forward and if required, design the most economical foundation solution for any given project.

Relevant Experience:

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  • Earthworks to compound consisting of upper/mid/lower terraces 900m³
  • Sheet piled retaining wall 700m² with 110m of concrete capping beam
  • Concrete access road at upper level with link to existing road – 620m²
  • Transformer & Cooler bunds with specialist acoustic enclosures
  • Concrete bases for electrical equipment
  • Traditional masonry block & brick switch houses with reinforced concrete cable basements; steel sheet roof
  • New steel palisade security fencing & new entrance gates
  • Installation of concrete cable troughs and ducting to all levels
  • Provision of drainage
  • 4500m³ of compacted stone surfacing

This area of Bicester is in a medium/high flood zone and SSE needed their design partners Glanville to create a non-standard design for the switch room – their solution was to construct it on a steel frame with steel & brick built ‘stilts’ to elevate it above the flood plain.

  • Site Clearance and formation of temporary access
  • Construction of one-storey brick built ‘stilted’ switch house for the 33Kv > 11 Kv network
  • Works included a suspended steel frame sat on reinforced concrete foundations 1.5 metres below ground level with cable ducts and tiled roof
  • Fit out and decoration of interior including fire rating
  • External landscape works including drainage, laying shingle, Grasscrete access road and general landscaping
  • Demolition of old switch
  • Reconstruction of new 30mx7m switch house with basement
  • Works included underpinning of walls, constructing reinforced concrete basement, installing a steel mezzanine floor & switchgear support steel, constructing reinforced concrete transformer bunds, flood protection and noise reduction enclosure.
  • Installing reinforced concrete retaining walls, forming new and adapting existing openings in external wails, internal/external cladding, roofing, internal fit out of welfare, workshops.
  • Mechanical and electrical fit out including fire systems and internal decoration.
  • Installation of concrete bunded areas around substation doors (if access was required during a flood an independent sump with a pump float and a non-return valve was installed to stop any water egressing into access point).
  • Installation of heavy duty security and flood rated doors (where access was not an issue)
  • Cable troughs were filled with either concrete, masonry, or steel
  • Installation of approved duct sealing system into cable troughs
  • All masonry checked and repaired so there were no weak areas for water to get into the cavity
  • All weep holes, vents etc were raised above the flood level
  • All outlet pipes, foul, surface water, etc. were checked for airtightness, repaired if required, and non-return valves set
  • Roof and guttering repairs where required
  • Pumps set in substation basements with the outlet above the high flood level externally