Sub-Station Flood Defences – Wymering, Porchester, Romsey & Bevois Valley

Project Details

LOCATION: Wymering, Porchester, Romsey, Bevois Valley
VALUE:  £190,000
  • Installation of concrete bunded areas around substation doors (if access was required during a flood an independent sump with a pump float and a non-return valve was installed to stop any water egressing into access point).
  • Installation of heavy duty security and flood rated doors (where access was not an issue)
  • Cable troughs were filled with either concrete, masonry, or steel
  • Installation of approved duct sealing system into cable troughs
  • All masonry checked and repaired so there were no weak areas for water to get into the cavity
  • All weep holes, vents etc were raised above the flood level
  • All outlet pipes, foul, surface water, etc. were checked for airtightness, repaired if required, and non-return valves set
  • Roof and guttering repairs where required
  • Pumps set in substation basements with the outlet above the high flood level externally